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Parent Helpers


At Croydon North Kindergarten the help we receive from our families is invaluable and greatly appreciated.  The Kindergarten sessions benefit from the assistance of helpers other than staff.

It is encouraged that at least one parent attends a duty for each session to help with tasks such as: assisting children, naming work, preparing snack time, wiping tables and sorting artwork. This help allows staff members to focus on supporting and challenging the children as they participate in activities.


Helping in the Kinder is also a wonderful opportunity to observe your own child in the group setting and enjoy some fun play time with them.  The children at Croydon North love having an extra adult to read them stories, help with a puzzle, listen to their tales or help build a tower with blocks.


Grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts and friends are also encouraged to participate. When on duty, younger siblings are welcome. A duty roster is always displayed in the foyer. 

All adults in a parent helper/volunteer capacity are required to have a valid Working with Children's Check. This will also apply to parents assisting with excursions. The link below will help you with the application process. 


All volunteers will also have to watch the CNK's Induction Video.  

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