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Our Educational Program


At Croydon North Kinder we value a rich, exploratory and play based learning environment. Children actively engage in a safe, supportive space filled with opportunities for achievement and challenge.  Our programs value and respect children and adults while promoting a sense of belonging. We focus on developing the children's physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills. We aim to build the children's confidence and self esteem and support them in becoming independent learners. The Victorian Early Years Learning Framework is used by staff to help develop and guide the program we provide.  


Our programs include a variety of individual, small and whole group play experiences.  These types of activities assist the children in developing important life skills such as turn taking, sharing, problem solving and interacting with and communicating with others to express their emotions and ideas.


Families play a central role in our Kindergarten and we aim to make links between the children's lives at home and the experiences they have at kinder. Our relationships with families are very important and we appreciate the contributions and participation our families provide.


The children are involved in a wide array of both indoor and outdoor play experiences. At Croydon North Kindergarten, our staff strongly believe in the value of the natural environment in children's learning. To learn more about our incredible outdoor play spaces please click here.

“Play is the highest form of research.”


3 Year Old Kinder



Croydon North Kindergarten's 3 Year Old program provides children with many play based experiences in which they learn important skills such as listening, being part of a group, sharing, communicating with others, doing small jobs (like tidying up) and following routines. Friendships begin to form as the year progresses and the children learn to manage their play and interactions with others. 


Early literacy and numeracy concepts are developed during group times, with the activities we provide and through play experiences. 


Our community visitors (incursions) are a highlight of our program and allow the children to have some special experiences during their kinder year, such as a wildlife encounter.

4 Year Old Kinder


Our 4 Year Old Kinder program provides the opportunity for children to grow and develop skills through play. As the year progresses, our program encourages the children to direct their own play, resolve conflicts and become independent learners. Many new friendships are born as the children learn and play together. The children are encouraged to take some responsibility for their own learning as a way to extend the children's skills and allow them to explore, take risks, make decisions, solve problems and share their achievements with others.


Fundamental early literacy and numeracy skills are developed through our program and the play experiences of the children. We focus on preparing children to enter the school community - academically, socially and emotionally - with the tools and experience necessary for them to excel in the next stage of their learning.


The 4 Year Old program includes a number of excursions and visitors (incursions) to the Kindergarten to stimulate and extend the children's interests, as well as expanding their thinking about various topics. ​Our Kindergarten hosts a small library which the 4 Year Old groups borrow from on a weekly basis.  


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