Kindergarten Mangagement


The Management of the kindergarten is controlled by the Committee of Management, which is made up of the Caregivers (Parents/Guardians) of children who will be attending the Kindergarten in 2021. 

2021 Committee of Management

President: Conor Ryan

Vice President: Jessica Orr

Secretary: Emily Woodhams

Treasurer: Kristie Cutler

Enrolments: Laura Ervine

Maintenance Coordinator: Kirk Marshall

Coordinator Social & Publicity:  Naomi Cavanagh

Red Rep Social & Publicity: Lisa Ephraims

Green Rep Social & Publicity: Sharni D'Ortenzio

Quality Officer: Steph Juers

Maintenance Officers:   Dave Earley, James Hayward and Elissa Roszak

Purchasing Officer: Alisha Christie 

Uniform/Sewing Officer: Shara Campbell

Communications Officer: Ebony Castles

Website Editor & Book Club: Jade Ryan and Samantha Hayward